Viva La Difference


Dr. Seuss nailed it on so many levels when he asked us the question:

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? 

It’s a thought-provoking question that we can apply to our resume.

In our diehard efforts to create and deliver a competitive document to would-be employers, we often take the easy way out. We refer to a trusted friend’s version of his resume and model ours after it. Or maybe we resort to any number of other tired, cookie-cutter formats that appear in dog-eared pages of how-to guides or on obscure websites that really just want us to commission their owners to write it for us.

We  boldly delete their content and add in ours. We update the timeline, change a word here, add a skill there and voilà!  We have ourselves a job search ready resume, people.

Is it, however, a worthy resume? Is it one that addresses the skills required for the job in question in a way that also makes us stand out from everyone else? Is our resume any different from the one or 100 the employer has read before?

It should be.

Naturally, we want to show the fit between what the employer wants and what we have to offer on our resumes.  However, what we shouldn’t do in the process is sacrifice our originality…those qualities that make us stand out from everyone else. We owe it to ourselves to strike the right balance between fitting in and standing out.

So there you go

Now you know

Stand out and get ahead

Like the good doctor would have said!



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